Impact of Rogun Dam on Downstream Uzbekistan Agriculture

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Описание товара

Strains among the states of Central Asia caused by overuse of the region’s scarce water resources have been increasing in recent years. This is especially true for the relations between Tajikistan, upstream, and Uzbekistan, Downstream, on the Amudarya River. Major controversy exists over constructing Rogun Dam on the Vakhsh River, a tributary of the Amudarya River. Construction of Rogun Dam, with a planned height of 335 m, began in 1976 but was stopped in 1991 with the breakup of the former.. посмотреть полное описание о Impact of Rogun Dam on Downstream Uzbekistan Agriculture

Характеристики Impact of Rogun Dam on Downstream Uzbekistan Agriculture

Автор:Shokhrukh-Mirzo Jalilov
Издательство:LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ширина упаковки:1
Глубина упаковки:1
Год выпуска:2012
Автор на обложке:Shokhrukh-Mirzo Jalilov
Количество страниц:84
Язык издания:Английский
Высота упаковки:1
Кол-во страниц:84

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