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Major New Editionfrom Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, Globalization and its Discontents is the bestselling expose of the all-powerful organizations that control our lives. Joseph Stiglitz''s landmark book lifted the lid on how globalization was hurting those it was meant to help. Many of its predictions came true, and it became a touchstone in the debate. This major new edition looks afresh at the continuing mismanagement of globalization, and how it has led to our current political and.. подробное описание на сайте интернет продавца

Характеристики Globalization and Its Discontents

Количество страниц528ISBN9780141986661
Вес375Тип обложкиМягкая обложка
Год2018АвторДжозеф Юджин Стиглиц
Автор на обложкеJoseph StiglitzЯзык изданияАнглийский
Ширина упаковки130Высота упаковки30
Глубина упаковки210Штрихкод9780141986661
ИздательствоPenguin Books Ltd.Формат издания130x200
Тип изданияОтдельное издание

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