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This book covers micro economics principles and their applications in business operations. it starts by introducing economics subject (defining) and then the theory of consumer buyer behavior where issues to do with demand and supply analysis were looked at with. the book proceeded to look at the theory of production and costs- break even points as well as shut down points were discussed. cost curves both in the short run and long run were discussed. the book also looks at the theory of.. подробное описание на сайте интернет продавца

Характеристики Business Economics serries 1

Язык изданияАнглийскийВес501
Штрихкод9783659185625Ширина упаковки1
Высота упаковки1Количество страниц140
Глубина упаковки1Автор на обложкеRangarirai Mbizi
АвторRangarirai MbiziКол-во страниц140
ИздательствоLAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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