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Описание товара

"This book was really meant for the young man. I hope he will learn something from the sections dealing with the correctness of dress which almost verges on etiquette. As regards taste and styles, I am not sure that the young man today does not know more than his elders. It may be, therefore, that the older man will learn from this book something of the point of view of the young man and be less critical of him. I feel that some of the success I have achieved in designing clothes for Men,.. посмотреть полное описание о ABC of Men''s Fashion

Характеристики ABC of Men''s Fashion

Год выпуска:2008
Автор:Харди Эмис
Высота упаковки:20
Кол-во страниц:128
Язык издания:Английский
Глубина упаковки:190
Формат издания:130x185
Тип издания:Отдельное издание
Издательство:V&A Publications
Ширина упаковки:150
Количество страниц:128
Автор на обложке:Hardy Amies
Тип обложки (Переплет):Твердый переплет

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