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In "The Fashion File", Emmy Award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant lets you peek into the dressing rooms of "Mad Men", revealing the design process behind the various characters'' looks and showing you how to find your own leading-lady style - whether it''s vintage, modern, classic, or bohemian.

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На страницах книги представлены различные узоры, орнаменты и фигуры в стиле дзен, предназначенные для раскрашивания. Вооружитесь цветными карандашами, маркерами или фломастерами - и почувствуйте магию дзен. Для широкого круга любителей искусства.

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By the time of the great Paris Exhibition of 1925, the idea that an., interior and its furnishing should form a complete design - a ''total look'' - dominated the thinking of both designers and their sophisticated clients. In the later 1920s and 1930s, whole studios were established, notably in France and the United States, to serve the needs of a design- and style-conscious middle class intent..

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